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  • 2011 Southeast Wyoming Oil & Gas Fields Symposium Laramie, Hanna and D-J Basins (1984 Update)

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Township-Range Field Producing Intervals*
23N-79W Allen Lake Kmd, Kd, Jm, Js
22N-78W Allen Lake, East Js, Pt
15N-75W Big Hollow Kmd
21N-79W Big Medicine Bow Js, Pt
20N-79W Big Medicine Bow, South Ks, Kmd, Js, Pt
29N-81W Bolton Creek Js, Pp
13N-68W Borie Kmd
12N-68W Brush Kmd
15N-62W Burns Ph
13N-61W Butler Kmd
13N-63W Chalk Bluffs Kmd
21N-79W Chapman Draw Jm, Jn
14N-66W Cheyenne Kn, Kc
16N-62W Chivington Kmd
24N-66W Chug Springs Kc
18N-77W Cooper Cove Ks, Kmd, Kd
15N-63W Dale North Kmd
20N-77W Diamond Dome Ks
20N-78W Diamond Ranch Kmd, Kl
14N-64W Durham Kmd
18N-77-78W Dutton Creek Ks, Kmd
18N-77-78W Dutton Creek, North Kmd
20N-80W Elk Mountain Js
13N-62W Flat Land Kmd
15-16N-61W Golden Prairie Kmd
15N-62W Gun Kmd
16N-76W Herrick Dome Pt
21N-78W Horne Brothers Js, Kmd
22N-78W Horne Balley Kmd
16-17N-68W Horse Creek Kmd, Kl
24N-83W Horseshoe Ridge Kmv
15N-60W Lindbergh Kmd
16N-60W Lindbergh East Kmd
16N-75W Little Laramie Pt
21N-78W Little Medicine Bow Kf, Kmd, Kd, Js
13N-60W Muddy Creek Kmd
23N-79W Oil Springs Kd, Kl, Js
20N-83W Overland Kn
13N-60W Parrallel Kmd
20N-80W Pass Creek Pt
14N-60W Pine Bluffs Kmd
14N-60W Pine Bluffs, South Kmd
24N-85W Platte River Bend Kle, Kmv
14N-68W Polo Kmd
18N-75W Poverty Ditch Kmd
17N-76-77W Quealy Dome Kmd, Kd, Js, Pt
16N-77W Rex Lake Ks, Kmd, Kd, Kl
30N-82W River Bend Pp
19-20N-78W Rock River Kf, Kmd, Kl, Js
17N-77W Seven Mile Kmd
17N-77W Seven Mile, North Kmd
15N-64W Silo Kn
21N-80W Simpson Ridge Kmv
30N-81W Spindle Top, North Pp
23N-62W Springer Kc
24N-61W Torrington Kmd
14N-60W Tracy Kmd
22N-61W Yoder Kmd


Symbol Formation  
Ks Shannon, 2nd Shannon "
Kq Quealy "
Kmv Mesaverde "
Kn Niobrara "
Kc Codell "
Kf Frontier, Wall Creek "
Kmd Muddy, "J" "
Kd Dakota "
Kl Lakota "
Jm Morrison JURASSIC
Js Sundance "
In Nugget "
Pp Phosphoria PERMIAN
Ph Hartville "
Ipt Tensleep, Casper "


2011 Southeast Wyoming Oil & Gas Fields Symposium Laramie, Hanna and D-J Basins (1984 Update)

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