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September 25th 2020

Who: Xuebing Fu

Job title/From:  SWIFFTech 

Title: Tight Oil EOR through Inter-Fracture Gas Flooding within a Single Horizontal Well


Tight oil production has become significant over the last decade with the success of horizontal drilling and multistage hydraulic fracturing. However, the recovery factor from this process is very low, and no standard secondary recovery method exists after primary depletion. This talk envisions a new secondary recovery method: to use existing hydraulic fractures in a horizontal well as gas injection and oil production sites to conduct gas flooding within a single well. Key aspects are defined and examined, showing promising results. Inter-Fracture flooding may possibly become a standard secondary recovery technique for tight oil reservoirs and add significant reserves.

This seminar is an update of the seminar on the same topic presented at WGA in Oct 2018.

Xuebing Fu is a petroleum engineer and entrepreneur based in Casper, Wyoming. Xuebing has a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering and M.S. in Chemistry, both from Texas A&M University. She also holds dual B.S. in chemistry and chemical engineering. Her career began in 2012 as a reservoir engineer at BP, focusing on heavy oil technology. In 2015, she moved on to a lecturer role at the University of Wyoming, where she started looking into tight oil EOR opportunities and independently proposed the concept of Single Well Inter-Fracture Flooding (SWIFF) in 2017. In 2018 she became a consultant in Casper. She carried on the initiative of SWIFF, which has turned into an integrated concept disclosed in paper SPE 196078 and multiple new innovations that are patent pending. She is currently building a technology startup based on the unique set of intellectual properties.

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