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WGA Friday Lunch Speaker September 24th

WGA Friday Lunch Speaker September 24th

Dr. Eric Robertson

Sr. Reservoir Engineer at Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI)

Abstract: Economic Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Powder River Basin Coal

Coalbeds too deep to be economically mined are potentially large storage reservoirs for the sequestration of anthropogenic CO2 and offer the benefit of enhanced methane production, which can offset some of the costs associated with CO2 sequestration.  The objective of this talk is to present results of work studying the economic feasibility of CO2 sequestration in unminable coal seams in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.  Economic analyses of CO2 injection options are compared.  Results show that injecting flue gas to recover methane from CBM fields is marginally economical; however, this method will not significantly contribute to the need to sequester large quantities of CO2.  Separating CO2 from flue gas and then injecting the separated CO2 into the PRB unminable coal seams is also currently uneconomical, but can effectively sequester over 86,000 tons (78,200 tonne) of CO2 per acre while recovering methane to offset costs.  The cost to separate CO2 from flue gas was identified as the major cost driver associated with CO2 sequestration in unminable coal seams.  Improvements in separations technology alone are unlikely to drive costs low enough for CO2 sequestration in the PRB’s unminable coal seams to become economically viable. Breakthroughs in separations technology could aid the economics, but they cannot achieve the necessary cost reductions for breakeven economics without incentives.

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Event Information

Event Date 09-24-2021 11:30 am
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Lunch $20.00
Location Occasions By Cory

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