Join or Renew

There are four Membership options within the Wyoming Geological Association  ​​

     1.  Members – Any person eligible to membership, emeritus, honorary, or associate membership in the American  Association of Petroleum Geologists, as outlined in the constitution of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, shall be eligible for membership in the Wyoming Geological Association upon application. In addition, any person who is a recipient of a degree in geochemistry, paleontology, petroleum engineering, or mining engineering, shall be eligible for membership upon application.

    2.  Honorary Life Members – The Board of Directors may recommend and the Association by majority vote of the membership may elect to honorary life membership any person deemed to have made outstanding and conspicuous contributions to the geologic profession or the Wyoming Geological Association. Honorary Life Members shall have the same rights and privileges as regular members of the Wyoming Geological Association.

    3.  Associate Members – Persons whose interests are closely associated with the profession of geology, but who are not eligible for full membership, may be Associate Members upon application. Associate Members shall have all rights and obligations as members except that they shall not hold the offices of President and President-Elect.

    4.  Student Members – Any undergraduate student majoring in geology at a college of acceptable academic standards shall be eligible for membership upon application. Student members shall have all rights and obligations as Associate Members except that they shall not hold an elective office. Eligibility for student membership shall terminate 12 months after termination of academic enrollment.

To join or renew please fill out the application below and mail to WGA. For your convenience, you may pay annual dues within the WGA online bookstore.