Geo Wives

Membership shall be comprised of a) paid women members of the Wyoming Geological Association (WGA) or b) wives of paid members of the WGA orc) women geoscientists, energy professionals or mining engineers or d) wives of geoscientists, energy professionals or mining engineers or e) widows of geoscientists, energy professionals or mining engineers or f) women family members of energy related professionals.Any active member who has met the above criteria and is subsequently divorced may continue as a member.

Our yearly membership dues are $15.00.  Geowives functions run from Sept.-May, with a break during summer.

Contact Joanie Dunlap 267-7431 for more information.

The programs for this year’s luncheons are diverse and the venues were carefully selected to try to please as many people as possible! Here are the dates and information

September11, 2018Casper Country ClubFall Brunch9:30 am
October9, 2018Casper Country ClubPat Patton – GuitaristNoon
November13, 2018 Silver FoxDr. Boutler – Maintaining Good BalanceNoon
December11, 2018Casper Country ClubRichens/Timms Irish DancersNoon
January8, 2019Silver FoxZak Pullen – Art PresentationNoon
February12, 2019Silver FoxGeorge Trojan – WWII Escape from Poland
(Significant Others Invited)
March12, 2019Silver FoxConnie Thompson
Historic Buildings of Casper
April 9, 2019Casper Country ClubSpring Fashions – Fashion CrossroadsNoon
May14, 2019Casper Country ClubGroup from WY Symphony Orchestra
from Bach to Beatles